Practice Poi

Practice Poi

 If you're a poi spinner, or wish to be one, then you need a pair of poi for everyday use.  Our practice poi are designed as an alternative to the commonly used sock poi frequently seen in the poi spinning community.  They are made of soft foam with a rope leash.  We offer them in two sizes, regular and small.  Small is recommended for those under age 10, though if you prefer a light poi you may find them well-suited to your needs.  Our regular Practice Poi are very similar in weight to a medium fire poi head and are recommended for most spinners.

Our have several advantages over most home-made poi:

-The weight is very similar to a pair of fire poi.  This makes it easy to transition from practice poi to a fire pair without having to adjust to performing tricks with a different weight.
-Durability.  The heads of our practice poi tend to last a very long time, even with frequent use (and abuse!)
-The poi heads are finished with a duct tape exterior, which makes them just about waterproof.  This is excellent for festivals and outdoor events.  Rain tends to make many other kinds of poi unusable, but it just makes ours more fun!
-Our default rope leashes allow for quick, on the fly adjustment of length.  It also allows most spinners to wear these poi as a belt, making them easy to carry.
-Custom leashes and handles can be fitted to the poi head, allowing them to be used in place of fire heads on whatever hardware you find most comfortable.
-They float.

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