Fire Rope Dart w/ Rope
Fire Rope Dart w/ Rope

Fire Rope Dart w/ Rope

 At The Playing Mantis, rope darts are one of our specialties.  The majority of rope darts on the market are simply poi heads on a very long leash.  While functional, this does a bit of a disservice to a very unique, versatile prop with it's own style of movement.  Our standard fire rope dart head differs from the norm in several key areas:

The overall head is 8” in length, 6” of which is wicking.  The wick is layered to provide a terraced appearance.  This provides an excellent look to the prop, both when it is being spun and wrapped around the body and when performing the linear shots which really define this prop.

The head is weighted in a way consistent with the appearance of the wicking, with the majority of the weight offset toward the nose of the dart.  This provides a unique balance and ease of performing very straight shots.

As with most of our props, durability was a primary consideration in designing our fire rope dart.  A copper end cap on the nose of the dart and protective sleeve surrounding the integrated bearing swivel mean that even with dropped or missed shots the impact on the wicking is minimized.

A standard 1/8” quick link ships with each of our rope dart heads, allowing it to be attached to either link or ball chain.  Fire rope darts can be purchased as either a complete assembly, or the head only.  Unless otherwise specified, complete darts will ship with a 12” ball chain lead attached to 3/4” cotton webbing.  Total length is 9 feet unless otherwise requested.

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