Fire Double Staves

Fire Double Staves

 There is an ongoing debate among those in the object manipulation arts as to whether using a pair of double staves are more like using a pair of poi or a single staff.  You'll have to play with a pair to decide for yourself, and we offer options to bias the feel one way or the other if you so choose.

Our standard double staves are made with balance in mind.  They are 3' in length with 2” wicks, offering a good balance between flame size and length of the prop so that it is both visually impressive and comfortable to wield.  They are built with an unweighted partial core.  This means that the middle of the staff is hollow, which decreases the weight of the prop overall and allows it to be spun longer and faster.  Some contact moves are possible with these staves, though their shorter length and lighter weight make these a little more difficult than with a standard contact staff.

As with any staff, the layout of the core is the most important consideration to the overall feel of the prop.  Any fire staff has at least a partial core (unless it is a special order) because it needs added strength near the heads due to the heat.  The weight in a partial core staff, one with the least amount of core possible while retaining durability, is somewhat biased towards the ends as a result.  Weight can be added to the end, which makes the staff accelerate more slowly but hold it's momentum better.  This makes it better for contact.  A full-core staff is heavier, but more durable and resistant to dropped throws, etc.  The weight in a full-core staff is more evenly balanced over the body, unless the ends are weighted.

In short, if you are a poi spinner or someone looking to perform complex geometric patterns, look for a pair of lightweight double staves (like our standard layout.)  If you are a contact staff spinner, consider a weighted design (and potentially a little more length) to facilitate the transition from the longer, heavier single staff.

Whichever layout you choose, practice options are available which replace the fire heads with a similar amount of foam padding, allowing you to learn new trick with a similarly weighted prop without damaging the wicks.

If you spin double staves, you may wish to look into a Contact Fire Staff or a pair of Practice Poi to help you learn new tricks.

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