Terms and Conditions

By ordering from The Playing Mantis, it is agreed that the customer is familiar with our shipping and return policies, as well as our pseudo-weapon FAQ. You also agree that you have explicitly informed The Playing Mantis of any deliver-by deadlines you have that are within the next fourteen (14) days.

By ordering from The Playing Mantis, the customer agrees not to hold The Playing Mantis liable for any damages incurred when using supplies and/or equipment including, but not limited to, situations involving flammable liquids and open flame. By ordering, the customer indicates they possess sufficient knowledge to operate, use, or otherwise work with said supplies and/or equipment. The customer also accepts full responsibility for any legal issues which may arise from use, possession, or transportation of any product from The Playing Mantis, including initial shipping and delivery, and accepts responsibility for knowing and complying with their local codes and ordinances.

The customer further agrees that The Playing Mantis is not liable for damages or losses that may result from information gathered from this website. These Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time, and as the customer is bound by these changes they are encouraged to review the Terms and Conditions frequently.

Unless otherwise specified on a per-product basis, no product from The Playing Mantis is intended for use by children aged 18 or younger.